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We are looking for an Importer / Agent for Yocoair Deodorant Spray

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We are looking for a reliable cooperation partner who will act as the importer or agent for Yocoair Spray.
We are a Finnish company established in 1991. We specialize in environment-friendly deodorant products. Our most important customers in Finland are in the public sector, e.g. hospitals, health centres, old people's homes, schools, municipalities and cities. Department stores, grocery stores and pharmacies are our most important retailers.

Yocoair Spray is non-toxic and odourless and has immediate effect. Yocoair Spray is suitable for use, for example, in homes, workplaces, smoking rooms, summer cottages, cars, caravans and boats, etc.

YocoairYocoair Spray immediately removes the following smells from the air and from clothing: sweat, tobacco, burned food, vomit, excrement, sewers, urine, refuse, mildew, diesel oil, paint, etc. The Spray also protects allergic people against allergy to animals. Yocoair Spray acts by simply neutralizing odour molecules and thus destroys smells and the source of smells.

Yocoair is safe for asthmatics and odour-allergic people, because it is manufactured from pure natural minerals. Yocoair Spray is manufactured in Finland. The pH value of the Spray is 8. The product has been examined by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Research Number KEM6 18277.

The Yocoair Spray bottle contains 200 ml, and each packing box contains 24 bottles. Each pallet package has 3072 bottles. The label on the spray bottle will be in two languages. Please contact us quickly at the address below, or fill in the reply form.

Our email address is: yocomar@yocoair.fi. You may reply in your own native language.
Our telephone number is: +3589794314, mobile phone +358500463071 , Fax: +3589794315. Skype: yocomar-hedox.
Home pages: www.yocoair.eu, www.yocomar.fi. We speak Finnish and Swedish. In other languages we use interpreters.

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